17 March 2023

The eucen General Assembly 2023 has been formally announced to the members of the association. We will meet in Utrecht (NL), during the 53rd eucen Annual Conference. The first call will be on Wed 31 May at 09:35amCET. If there is no quorum, the second call will be on Thursday 01 June at 16:00CET in the Academiegebouw of Utrecht University (Domplein 29, Utrecht). All the eucen members are invited to attend this meeting [+]

10 March 2023

UNESCO has recently published in their 3rd International Handbook of LLL an article from our former eucen President, Françoise de Viron, and our former eucen Executive Secretary, Pat Davies: New Impulses for a Lifelong Learning University: Critical Thinking, Learning Time, and Space  [+]

02 March 2023

During the conference European Commission Director-General Joost Korte will speak, along with other interesting speakers. You still have a few days to share your expertise with colleagues from around Europe at EUCEN 2023. Send in your contribution before March 1st! [+]

01 March 2023

Final iPEAR conference in Greece on 30 May - 02 June. This event will bring together educators, designers, learning technologists and students to share research and practice in AR. [+]

28 February 2023

Continuing the efforts to promote inclusive learning SMILE partners gathered for its 14th Full Partners Meeting (FPM) the 7th and 8th of February in Barcelona, and the first face-to-face meeting in 2023. In the meeting, partners worked together to reach three objectives.  [+]

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